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What is truth?

Many different people have varying perspectives regarding this monumental question. It is a question often answered through filtered lenses.

Yet I try to bring an objective and unbiased approach to news articles (unlike reporters/journalists), albeit from a Western Civilization mindset.

But with that said, I am not some kind of "right-wing kook or conservative nut-job". However, many liberals (Democrats) will attach that label to me anyway. While you're at it, many who disagree with my point of view can add "homophobic, narrow-minded, hateful, bigoted, conceited, and cocky".

Regardless of the currently popular PC environment, my commentary is conservative and Judeo-Christian based. God's word is the torch of truth!

P.S. If you want to engage in dialogue with me, DO NOT insult me or respond with a "knee-jerk" emotional response. Back it up with research.